Anthony "Tone" Burke is a creative director visual creator & designer from Toronto. With his designs becoming more daring and innovative, the desire to keep reinventing his craft and to push his abilities to their limits keeps his work fresh and unique. In 2017, he created a series of custom designs for the “Like Mike” campaign collaborating with Jordan Brand and Gatorade. Having developed  his skill set as an independent creator throughout the years he collaborated with a likeness of many artists and brands as well as establishing Art Of Dope in 2011. In October of 2016, Tone presented his first visual art installation, followed up by the critically acclaimed ART1ST installation “An Honest Farewell”, the 5 day art experience marking the closing of the historic Honest Ed’s in Toronto. Creative  direction for album artwork is an important part of his work, including covers for JD ERA “No Handouts” (2012), Redway “Live Free” (2013) “Years Ahead” (2014) and many more. The belief that each new project is an opportunity to express different values in new ways and to expand how artwork is perceived is a part of his art and design.



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